Changes in 0.9.9
    - Brings autoconf support up to date (Thanks Daniel Black)
    - Fixes bug when --username-file is an absolute path (Daniel Black)

Changes in 0.9.8
    - Fix compile error with newer version of Curl (see
    - Adds --no-ssl-fail and --auth-force options. (Thanks Juan Ezquerro)
    - Fixes bug with session_count being off by one. (Thanks henjin tai-sho)

Changes in 0.9.6
	- Fixed major bug where authforce would segfault on larger files

Changes in 0.9.5
	- Internationalisation support (en, nl)
	- autoconf/automake support
	- Fixes for compiling in various distributions
Changes in 0.9.3
	- Fair amount of bug squashing and memory leak killing
	- Fixed and Improved session support
	- SIGINT (Control-c) instead of SIGUSR1 for session support

Changes in 0.9.2.pi
	- New password file syntax
	- Various bugfixes (as always)
	- Most memory leaks annihilated

Changes in 0.9.0
	- Config file support
	- Various bugfixes

Changes in 0.8.0
	- Initial Release