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This is the first release of CDR Request. My friend requested me to write this for him, and I figured it turned out well enough to release, so have fun and whatnot. You can get it here (bz2) or in the download section. I may setup a test server later I dunno.


CDR Request is a web interface which allows a user to view a collection of mp3s, select the ones he wants, and then send the list off to the owner so he may burn them to a CDR and ship them off. Approximate number of cds, price, and time to ship may be esimated.


See the README. You go to the index.php, select the mp3s you want, and it emails the list some guy. But with more features.

Help Wanted

Help is always wanted. Email me.



  • Toby Deshane, testing and whatnot. i forget.
  • Michael K. Hubbard, php help.
  • S.T. Apler, for the logo
  • uh, the other people. i have an exam tomorrow and i need to conserve thinking energy, so if you belong here, lemme know.

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