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Thu Jun 2 19:58:44 EDT 2005 - Initial release. Feel free to send comments, suggestions, and code. I prefer patches sent using darcs, but I don’t care that much.


Lua Safe is a patch to add tainted variables and safety levels to Lua. It is similar to and uses ideas from Perl and Ruby. It was implemented as a class project at the Rochester Institute of Technology ( The code was written by Zachary P. Landau (kapheine at The research was done by Charles Lee, Heidi Morales, Ray Wallace, and Sam Won.


Lua Safe support adds the following functions: setsafelevel(num), getsafelevel(), taint(var), untaint(), and istainted(var). To set the taint level, either call setsafelevel() with the desired safety level, or use the -T command line parameter. Once this is done, safety levels will be in effect.

To run the Lua Safe version of the interpreter, run ‘bin/lua’. Without parameters, it will give you a Lua prompt. If you include a filename, it will run that file as a script. To run the unit tests, which also show off the different functionality, go into the safe/ directory and type ‘make’. This will run all of the unit tests. For example usage, see the files in safe/.


If you want to see some examples before you download anything, check out safe/examples/


  darcs get



Copyright © 2005 Zachary P. Landau
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