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Sun Jan 22 14:19:50 EST 2006 - Time for a new release. Tony Cebzanov did most of the work on this one. He fixed all of the plugins (except Atame, which is down). He added a plugin for LyricsDomain. He also added a new fetcher type, synced_lyrics, for use with programs like SingIt. For this new fetcher type he created a Lrcdb plugin. It might be interesting to throw something together that will let musicextras and SingIt work together.

My only contribution to this release is the —update option, which will fetch any new plugin updates from the webserver. This way I won’t have to do a new release when the only changes include plugin fixes. If you find that your plugins are failing, try using —update before reporting the problem.

Sat Sep 3 16:15:16 EDT 2005 - Hey, what’s up? How are the kids? Good, good. I have a present for you. It’s a bugfix release. Well, not really a bugfix release. I fixed two plugins. Allofmp3, and LyricsNet. Also, I moved the repository from subversion to darcs, because I love darcs.

Mon Mar 21 11:00:26 EST 2005 - This is mostly a bugfix release. The most notable things are the PLyrics plugin was fixed, and artist_cond_regex actually works now.

Now that the Ruby-Gnome release has fixed the searching problem, I’d like to get the incremental searching working for the GUI. But I won’t have time for a while. If anyone wants to take a stab at it, there is already some broken code for it in gtkgui.rb.

Also, the LyricsTime site has been down for a long while. If it doesn’t reappear again before the next release, I’ll probably remove the plugin.

Tue Oct 26 20:17:09 EDT 2004 - New release today. Added some stuff here and there. See the NEWS file for most of them. I’ll mention the WEBrick support, though. There’s now a web frontend for musicextras using WEBrick. This version should work pretty well in Windows too, I hope.

I did try the GTK plugin in Windows. It worked reasonably well, but there were still a few problems. Possibly by next release I’ll have some of these problems worked out, but if anyone wants to take a swing at it, feel free.

Fri Aug 6 00:08:28 EDT 2004 - Okay, here’s an official release to handle the site redesign. Unfortunately, accessing information for the first time may be a little slow, since now more pages have to be retrieved. But after the first time they will be cached and access should be normal. As usual, make sure to clear out your greylist if you got a bunch of false negatives from using the old plugin.

Sun Aug 1 14:30:18 PDT 2004 - has redesigned their site, which broke the old plugin. I have made an updated version, but unfortunately my development machine has bit the bullet and I’m not quite prepared to release a new version yet. But you can download the new plugin here. Just copy it over the old allmusic.rb plugin and things should work. Make sure to clear your greylist if a bunch of entries were added while using the old plugin.

Wed Jul 7 19:03:34 EDT 2004 - This is a minor bugfix release. If no images have been showing up for you, you’ll definitely want to upgrade. Otherwise, you should still upgrade, but there is nothing particularly important here.

Fri Jul 2 01:51:39 EDT 2004 - As I mentioned in a previous news entry, I haven’t had much of a drive to add many features to musicextras. I am fairly happy with how it as the moment. Some users have mentioned a few features they would like to have, which I will add, but probably not until I have an outstanding reason to release a new version.

One outstanding reason for a new release would be bug fixes. I know it is hard to get yourself to report bugs sometimes, but bug reports is really what I need at the moment. If you have problems with any aspect of musicextras, please let me know. Musicextras is at the point where stability is more important than features.

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Musicextras is a program for automatically retrieving extra information for songs. Currently it retrieves lyrics, album covers, artist images, artist bio, years active, and track listings.


I like lyrics. I’m lazy. I like programs that do stuff for me. Musicextras.


Check the README. Developers probably want to check the API docs.



Help Wanted

The more plugins for musicextras, the better it works. Please submit your plugins. Or at least good lyrics sites.




  • Myself, for without me, none of this would have been possible.
  • Mike Hubbard, for the logo.
  • See THANKS file for extended list.

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