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Sat May 22 15:33:33 EDT 2004 - Regarding the previous news entry, you’d have to use a CVS snapshot of 1.8.1 if you don’t want to make the changes to the source. I suggest making the changes to the source I mentioned in the last entry for now. I’ll have this fixed for the next release, sorry for the confusion.

Sat May 22 11:54:28 EDT 2004 - If you are having problems where text is showing up but the images aren’t, there are a couple of solutions. First one is upgrading to a more recent version of Ruby 1.8.1. I know the 2004-04-24 version works. Otherwise, replace ‘Base64::decode64(data)’ in guicontrol.rb with ‘decode64(data)’ and ‘Base64::encode64(data)’ in pusher.rb with ‘encode64(data)’. Then clear the greylist using ‘musicextras —clear-greylist’.

Fri May 21 09:29:09 EDT 2004 - What is black and white and has bugfixes all over? That’s right, 0.6.2. Okay it isn’t black and white, but it does have a lot of bugfixes. It sports some new features as well, so check out the NEWS file. But I’ll mention one special feature. This release has internationalisation support. Everything was converted to utf8, and gettext support was added. So far we have Spanish and German translations. If anyone wants to translate into another language, drop me a note.

I’m pretty low on ideas for the next release. I have a couple things I’d like to implement, that’s it. If people have some good ideas, feel free to drop them my way.

If you are good at GUI design, or halfway decent, or at least better than I am, I’d welcome any comments, suggestions, or even an entirely new GUI. If you want to redesign the GUI, edit the glade file, or use it as a reference, and send me the new file.

Sun Feb 8 17:54:30 EST 2004 - Yay, 0.6.1. I like this one. I feel like this program is finally fairly polished. I added web page caching, which speeds things up a lot. Result matching is also improved. Plus, now that web caching is there, I was able to add artist regexing. This allows musicextras to try adding and removing things like ‘The’ from artist names to check for more matches. Also added biography and ‘years active’ information. The GUI window for this is ugly at the moment, but I’ll try to fix it up one day. If someone else wants to edit and make it nice for me, that’d be cool. You can also run your favorite editor from musicextras to edit the lyrics. There’s probably more cool stuff in there, I can’t remember. Enjoy.

One more note before I go. I am in no way trying to keep people from going to the actual plugin sites. I’m just trying to make it easier to view them. I added the sites to the sidebar on the right. If you use this program, visit those sites now and then, check out their content, and check out at banner ads that you find interesting.

Sat Sep 27 23:58:03 EDT 2003 - Released 0.6.0 today. This is a major rewrite. Almost all of the program was rewritten, and it works much better now. The GUI stays open while the command line client sends it updates, so there is no longer the problem where multiple GUIs stay open. The Plugin architecture is better, image support is a bit better, etc. Check the NEWS list for all of the major features. Anyway, I’m pretty happy with this release. Let me know if you have any problems or suggestions.

Thu Sep 11 17:58:00 EDT 2003 - Added support for "The biggest collection of punk, ska, oi, emo and hardcore lyrics." I don’t think I’m going to bother to make a release right now though. I am completely unhappy with the way the GUI is working. I have to find a better way to have it update with the next song, because it is having problems killing its previous instance. The only thing I have been able to think of is having a pipe that one program writes to with the current song, and the gui polls it and updates accordingly. I wish there was a less complicated way, but I can’t think of any. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Wed Aug 27 23:17:05 EDT 2003 - I added support for artist images too, and buggy support for getting bio info for artists. Development has been at a bit of a standstill, lately though. I guess I’ve gotten a little lazy and the interest for the program has seemed pretty low, so not much has been done with it. I’ll probably fix it up and get another release out eventually, but I don’t know when it’ll be.

Sat Aug 2 14:01:55 EDT 2003 - The biggest change with this release is I added support for images. So far, only album cover support is done (and only for one lyrics site) but I’ll probably add more later. Check the NEWS file for the other changes.

Also, there is now a rubyforge page here. Please use this page to add plugin requests (for new sites), add songs that should be fetched from a site but are missed for some reason, feature requests, bugs, etc.

Sat Jul 26 15:02:00 EDT 2003 - Another cool way to display lyrics in X is in your root window. Snag xroottext and use something like this:

  ruby musicextras.rb -s -f [mp3file] | xroottext -geom 1024x768 -fn 7x14

Mon Jul 21 18:49:48 EDT 2003 - *Sigh* of course I missed a stupid bug. The lyrics window would always stay open, no matter how you set ‘Stay Open’. Now, unless you click ‘stay open’ the lyrics window will close when a new one is loaded. This is nice for when you are listening to a bunch of mp3s and only want the current lyrics to display. The option does not apply to the extended lyrics displayer, since you probably don’t want that closing on you. Sorry for the mistake.

Update: By the way, it is very hard to tell if the program works the way people want it to when I don’t get any feedback. If you have any suggestions for how to make it better, PLEASE let me know. Don’t assume somebody already mentioned it, because they haven’t. If you just want to let me know you are using it and I should keep updating it, that’s cool too, but I like suggestions (and patches and plugins :P)

Sat Jul 19 21:50:25 EDT 2003 - Initial release. Suggestions (and plugins!) are always welcome. Some features I’d like to implement in the near future are album cover and artist picture downloading. Also, I was having a little trouble with threading working well with gtk in one point, so when searching for a song in the extended dialog, the program blocks. Just wait until a song is found and you should be okay.

As a sidenote that nobody will read, I have NOT tested this in windows yet. It may or may not work. If it does not work, I may be able to help you if it is something small. Otherwise, I don’t have a windows machine to develop on, so I can’t do much else about it. Nobody ever listens to me when I say this, though, so uh.. do whatever!


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