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Tue Oct 24 16:25:00 EDT 2000 - I’ve reinstalled everything and haven’t setup sitegrab yet so the lollyland address won’t work.

Sat Sep 9 15:49:41 EDT 2000 - First version of Sitegrab, v0.8.0, has been released. You can get it here (bz2). For now I am leaving up a test version on my machine at so people can test it out. I probably won’t keep it up for long but feel free to give it a try. It is, however, the same version I do testing with so it may break and be changed around while you are trying to use it. Also note that because this is my home machine I’d like for you not to bring it to it’s knees. And feel free to report any bugs that you do find. I haven’t tested it out with many browsers so testing it would help.


Sitegrab is a URL grabber that parses IRC logs for the data and then inserts it into a database that can be searched through a web interface. URLs can be searched with a combination of announcer name, date, partial url, and type of url. Then the user can either be given a list of urls, or can be redirected to a random site. Also supported is an administration mode whereby urls can be edited and deleted through the web interface.


The usage should be fairly simple. Go to sitegrab.html and enter as much search information as you would like and you should be given a list of urls or taken to a site. Another method of going to a random webpage us simply going to sitegrab.php?random or sitegrab.php?random+announcername which redirects you to a page without having to enter any data.

Help Wanted

Any web developer or coder please check out the BUGS and TODO file. I could really use help with site design. At the moment everything looks pretty crappy. Feel free to use the images included to make something nice. Integrating sitegrab.png is the main thing I want.



  • Tintivilo, for help with the html
  • Lib, Wilson, Hac, etc, for testing and ideas

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