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Sat Feb 7 17:23:48 EST 2004 - It does, it doesn’t, it does. I can’t keep up anymore. This script may or may not work depending on what day of the week it is. I haven’t tried in forever though, so good luck.

Fri Oct 11 13:03:12 EDT 2002 - As most of you know, doesn’t have roms anymore. Sucks. If someone knows another site like it, maybe I’ll try to adapt this script to it. Also, this could still be used to see what roms are out of date but not update them for you. If someone would like it to do this better, let me know. Otherwise, I guess I’ll just let this program die (as if it hasn’t already.)

This is the second release of smartupdate, but I didn’t have a separate page for it at first. A few notes. First note, if you installed the old mamedkget, you need to get the new version. The old version does not work anymore. Second note, this does NOT work with windows yet, because it needs the ‘unzip’ binary that comes with many linux and hopefully various *nixes, but i really hope to fix this. if someone else wants to, PLEASE submit your work. also, reading the README and INSTALL will help, so please check them quickly. let me know what you think. and PLEASE consider making a donation. Also, don’t forget to get mamedkget in the download section.


Smart (MAME) Update will compare the checksums of your MAME ROMs to those listed on, and update the ROMs as necessary.


smartupdate -a -u, or whatnot. smartupdate —help. check the README.

Help Wanted

Help is always wanted. Email me.



  • Toby Deshane, for mamedkget, and for letting me include it with this program.
  • The people, for a great site that has helped me so much.
  • The MAME people, for a great emulator.
  • All the people who have written drivers for MAME.
  • S.T.Apler, for the logo.

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